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Action plan

We call for efforts and immediate action across Ontario. Students, particularly secondary students, are encouraged and welcome to participate.


This campaign focuses primarily on the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and any efforts involving the Peel District School Board (PDSB) are very welcome as well.

Education and Spreading Awareness

Public benefits and interests in educational and other social matters exclusively rely on public awareness and participation, and thus we are expanding the audience to as many Ontario residents as possible. Please kindly spread information to and educate whoever you know in Ontario, particularly Toronto residents, who may be directly or indirectly involved in the upcoming trustee election.

In class


Please actively participate in our discourses on Twitter @GuardiansVOTE and Facebook Guardians VOTE and promote the accounts.

If you work in media or have connections to media such as a newspaper or a gateway website, please email us at

Media Interview

Trustee Election

Trustees are final decision makers in a school board, and have the power to directly dismiss or hire the Director of Education, as shown in Roles, Powers, and Election of School Board Trustees.



For this year's trustee election in the TDSB, we aim to elect over a half of trustees,

  1. To overturn the Student Interest Programs Policy;

  2. To oust the Director of Education with due process, if authorized by the public;

  3. To change the course of the Secondary Program Review, when possible.

Trustee candidacy

If you are eligible to be a school board trustee, please strongly consider running as a candidate for the benefits of students and education as a whole. If you have such an intention to become a TDSB trustee aligned to any of the aforementioned three trustee election goals, even if you have not fully decided, please kindly email to provide basic information. You can register your candidacy by 2 pm, August 19, 2022.


Please vote and ask anyone who might be concerned to vote for a candidate who is against the Policy, on or before October 24, 2022. Please do NOT vote for any trustees who voted in favour of  the Policy if they run for re-election, unless they publicly change their stances. Please keep up to date on our website


Legal Action

Please refer to templates for Personal Privacy Information Notice, which students and parents may revise and then send to school boards and schools to prevent them from using racial information for policy-making.


Everyone, when resources permit and situations apply, is welcome to file an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, or to commence a lawsuit in civil proceedings, against the PDSB or the TDSB. We will post on our website the link to guidelines for possible legal routes with plausible legal arguments, if and when available.

Anyone who may offer legal advice or legal assistance, or has connections to lawyers or relevant civil rights groups, is welcomed to email us at

Reviewing Legal Agreement
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